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I teach at Gryphon. They are good guys and will treat you right.
Welcome to my Mp3 page!

This page is for my students - I'll be putting up songs from my current classes occasionally.

You can find mp3s for some of my books here:
Guitar Primer
Banjo Primer
Mandolin Primer

Some other mp3s:

Molly's Crosspicking Class From Grass Valley
Won't You Come and Sing For Me
East Virginia Blues
Don't That Road Look Rough and Rocky

Western Swing Guitar
Take Me Back To Tulsa (melody)
Take Me Back To Tulsa (solos 1)
Take Me Back To Tulsa (solos 2)
Take Me Back To Tulsa (solos 3)
Take Me Back To Tulsa (solos 5)
Sugar Moon (melody)
Sugar Moon (solo)
Corrine Corrina (melody)
Corrine Corrina (solo)
Across the Alley From the Alamo (melody)
Across the Alley From the Alamo (solo)
Across the Alley From the Alamo (lyrics)
Brain Cloudy Blues solo 1
Brain Cloudy Blues solo 2
Take Me Back To Tulsa Texas chords
Take Me Back To Tulsa (solos 4)
Miss Molly Texas chords
Miss Molly (Meolody)
Miss Molly (solo slow)
Miss Molly (solo faster)
Worried Mind (melody)
Worried Mind (solo)
Baby What You Doin' To Me (melody)
Baby What You Doin' To Me (solo)
Bring It On Down To My House (melody)
Bring It On Down To My House (solo)

Click here for mp3 guitar solos from Jack Tuttle's Guitar Collection, volume 2

Uncommon Fiddle Tunes for guitar and mandolin
Garfield's Blackberry Blossom
Craggy Spring
Cousin Sally Brown
Liza Rose
Ninety Degrees
Old Dangerfield
Lost Indian
Ways of the World
Big Country

These are from a ten week class I taught. Now it's a book of ten tunes called:
Spicing Up Fiddle Tunes for Guitar and Mandolin:

Arkansas Traveler
Bill Cheatham
Billy in the Lowground
Blackberry Blossom
Old Joe Clark
Sally Goodin
Salt Creek
Soldier's Joy
Turkey in the Straw
Whiskey Before Breakfast

Banjo: To find mp3s for my banjo book, go here
Blue Ridge Cabin Home by ear
Red Clay Halo for my banjo class
Keep on the Sunnyside for my banjo class
Over in the Gloryland for my banjo class, in G.
Forty Years of Trouble from my banjo class.
Gotta Travel On by ear

Updated October 29, 2019