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I teach at Gryphon. They are good guys and will treat you right.

The First Lesson

The question I get asked most often is "What should I bring to the first lesson?" You only need to bring your instrument and some way to record me playing the material that you'll be working on. If you need picks, you can get them right at Gryphon. For most students, I generally use my own lesson books ($20), which you can purchase from me directly at the first lesson. For advanced students, or if you want to learn something other than the norm, my books may not be necessary. For payment, I take cash, Venmo (no fees!), Google Wallet (no fees!), Apple Pay Cash (no fees!), checks, PayPal, credit cards and just recently added Bitcoin (I am in Palo Alto after all). Lessons are $50 for a half hour. All lessons are at Gryphon: 211 Lambert Ave, Palo Alto, CA, 94306

If you already play some, I'll want to hear you play a little, though it need not be much. This is simply for me to quickly assess where you are. Most of my new students have some trouble playing at their best due to nervousness, so don't worry if your hands get a little tied up - I've seen it all before. And if you're a total beginner, relax, I won't expect you to play for me at all, at least until I've shown you something.

If you have strong ideas of what direction you want to pursue (improvising, improving technique, increasing repertoire, learning to play in a specific style, etc.), let me know. Or if you just want to be led to the place I think you should go, that's fine too. I do try to make the lessons as low stress as possible, and I'm told I'm a pretty low-key guy, so hopefully it won't be too intimidating taking a lesson, if you worry about such things. Most of my students actually get to where they like their lessons!

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Updated May 30, 2018